2014 New Years, Myoma Park with the incredible stage in the background, Yangon


Here’s Ly in all her glory and excitement. I would definitely have to say that this New Year’s was one of my most unique New Years simply because of the location and the pivotal time to be in Myanmar. Ringing in 2014 for Myanmar was only the second time the country had done it (at least in public spaces) because they had been closed off for so long. I was incredibly impressed with all the infrastructure in place for this concert. The lights and sound system were amazing, the stage was impeccable, and there was a wide breathe of different musical genres from rap to hip-hop to pop. During the rap songs, the entire crowd would sing along to the chorus, and we joined them! The fact that (1) we really didn’t understand what the words sounded like and (2) did not know the meaning of the words made for a very fun evening! The feel of the evening was more like a festival, but a little different than what I had experienced before because the age demographic was slightly different. Festivals that I have been to are traditionally populated primarily by the youth. In this case, there were plenty of families with young children and older couples. We even saw a monk!!! Another aspect that added to the uniqueness of the place is that I was the only haole there, and Ly and I were probably the only people in the crowd who could speak fluent English. We were such a spectacle that a mother & daughter pair wanted to take photos of us! It’s always a humbling experience to be the one gawked at, not the one doing the gawking!


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