March 31 Seseh


Today’s office. I am house sitting for a friend in this beautiful house in a small village called Seseh, which is close to the famous Echo Beach. I love the high ceilings and the open air, plus, the village temple is on their property (see on the left hand side of this photo) so people come from all around to worship. This morning their 2 dogs were going crazy as a local woman was sweeping the leaves away from the temple and had her own little white Maggie looking dog tied up to the fence. So, was it roosters that woke me up this morning? Nope, it was the dogs incessantly barking. And so this is how my Nyepi began. So today is the Balinese New Year (Nyepi) and we are not suppose to make any noise or use electricity. The reason is because last night the Ogoh Ogoh’s scared the bad spirits away. FYI-It takes about 3 weeks for a village to make an Ogoh Ogoh and they have a friendly competition during a parade to show off their Ogoh Ogoh. The photo of the Ogoh Ogoh that I posted yesterday was taken at this local parade. So, after the Ogoh Ogoh’s scare away the bad spirits on March 30, from 6 am on March 31 until 6 am on April 1, we are not allowed to make any noise. In fact, you are not even suppose to work and I definitely shouldn’t be on my laptop. LOL. The point is that if you make noise or have light, the bad spirits that were chased away yesterday will be drawn back to where the humans are, and of course this is bad luck. Today should be a day of introspection, meditation and yoga. So, as the sun goes down this evening, the entire Island will be incredibly dark and quiet, and so too is the airport which they shut down all day. There are no flights coming in or leaving Bali on this day. Hopefully there will be a beautiful starry sky this evening ­čÖé I am sending this Island some Aloha today and Happy Nyepi (aka Happy New Year) everyone! I will go now to meditate and chant ­čÖé


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