June 15 – Makapu’u Tide Pools 1


In all my time here, I have never been down to these tide pools and I was once again astounded at the beauty of Hawai’i and humbled by the power of its waves. There is always a spectrum of blue in the water and the contrast of the hot lava rock, the coolness of the waves, and the blistering sun is nothing short of magical. I try to approach the Islands differently these days, as places to explore and be creative rather than a place of work. This new approach has led me to new locations and also my thirst for new restaurants and new flavors has let me to discover some of the greatest food creations here. I think of this place more as a playground and this perspective changes my own experience here in addition to knowing that my time here on these Islands is coming to a close, therefore, I would like to see a side I have never seen before…and the side is amazing!


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