September 4 ~ Leaving HI for awhile :)

Sept 4 leaving

The constant goodbyes don’t seem to be getting any easier over time as I thought they would…in fact, it seems like they get harder as my relationships deepen and expand and my understanding of the world around me does the same. I have chosen to be a digital nomad, constantly in search of projects whose foundations are comprised of the triple bottom line principles. This I know in my heart is the path in life I want to follow. New projects, seeing start up businesses through, going to new places, meeting new people, eating new food, community, learning and constantly increasing my empathy, compassion and love for myself and others are my fundamental drivers in this life time.

Something changed in my after this recent round of travels. It certainly is not the need to settle down and get into the so called ‘real world’ or ‘daily grind’ but rather to really dig deep into this world and this life time. What defines societies ‘real world’ and why is it defined this way? I don’t need to define it since we all know what it is. But why can’t we define it differently? Why can’t the ‘real world’ be defined as a decrease in the lack of ‘stuff’ and an increase in ‘experience’? We can define it as a culmination of moments, of varied experiences. One thing that I’ve learned beyond a shadow of a doubt is that, unless we are a starving child in Africa, we create our lives in the vision that we have for it. Why have limitations? Who sets these limitations? The world is our oyster and I truly believed it should be lived in the finest light possible…and this light is defined differently for each individual. I believe in an inherent and universal right and wrong (although I really don’t like to polarize ethics in this way) and that we all know, deep down, what these are.

One of my motivators is death (although I’m so inspired to see that companies like Google and people like Peter Thiel-founder of PayPal and Palantir researching aging. What causes this? how can we prevent it? and yes, how can we live forever? why can’t we live forever?) I ask myself what legacy do I want to leave? What is the ABSOLUTE MOST I can do this lifetime to increase the life condition of myself and others? The way to do this is to constantly be learning, reflecting, questioning, expanding, collaborating with a whole lotta’ love, compassion and empathy. I think we all know in our hearts when we are doing something ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ or if we are on our individual path of the heart. As I grow, I have found that so much more love is returned to me if I share it with others. I have seen myself and others transform around me using this method.

Soooo, go forth and prosper! ­čÖé


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